FLOSLEK – Your skin is our concern!

FLOSLEK is a Polish cosmetics brand, built on the synergy of the latest developments in the field of cosmetology and what is the best in nature.


Where the name FLOSLEK comes from?

The name of the company comes from the Latin word flos, which means a flower. Flowers are associated with nature, but also with women and beauty. In addition, the plants have the extraordinary power of positive effects on the skin – for centuries they gave people everything what is the best, so they could take care of their health and beauty. FLOSLEK therefore derives what is most valuable from the world of plants, creating in its laboratory innovative recipes of cosmetics for women, children and men.

FLOSLEK Cosmetic Laboratory® has been successfully creating since 1994 the highest quality dermocosmetics and cosmetics for the care and protection of sensitive and demanding skin. Experienced specialists, modern research laboratory and innovative recipes, combining the power of natural ingredients with the latest achievements of cosmetology, are strong foundations on which the company builds its success.


The FLOSLEK portfolio includes 14 specialist FLOSLEK PHARMA dermocosmetic lines and 46 FLOSLEK LABORATORIUM lines designed for the care and protection of sensitive face and body skin. In total, it’s over 300 products, which for over a quarter of a century have been supporting primarily women in their efforts for a healthy and beautiful appearance.

FLOSLEK is present in almost 50 countries around the world – from North America, through Europe, North Africa to Asia.


Floslek is the winner of many industry and business competitions. We have been awarded, among others, the Teraz Polska promotional emblem, Forbes monthly diamonds and the title of Business Gazelle. Information on current awards is published in the information section.

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